Digital solutions to help rural organizations support their communities during the COVID-19 spread

We have developed a toolkit to aid in the pre-diagnosis of coronavirus patients and support organizations in countries already in lockdown or people who are trying to avoid crowds in health center waiting rooms.
The toolkit includes a mobile app for data collection with a COVID-19 questionnaire to identify at-risk people, as well as a dashboard where the compiled survey results can be viewed. It is meant to improve the procedures at hospitals, health centers, and other supporting organizations to conduct tests in connection with the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

The survey consists of questions about symptoms, health, travel, and contact with others.

It provides information on the patient's status, supporting doctors' decision-making processes and, thus, optimizing patient flow.

The recommendations given in this app are provided through an algorithm and are not intended as medical advice. They should not be treated as a diagnosis or medical treatment.

Personal data is collected with the consent of the app user to enable him/her to be contacted by a health assistant. HEDERA provides organizations a customizable platform with patient’s responses (pre-diagnosis) and results for the follow-up.



Agreement on app usage

Institutions willing to use the app with their community/ clients sign an agreement accepting terms and conditions, including the data protection policy.


Revision of questions for specific required adaptation

Questions can be modified and adjusted based on the local context. Additional questions can also be incorporated according to the needs of the organization.


Integration of organization’s logo / app customization

The app can be customized to reflect the corporate identity of the organization, if desired. The app can be shared through institutional e-mail or uploaded to PlayStore.


Access granted to dashboard and pre-diagnostic results

Organizations can access a dashboard with a password to view the survey results and follow up with the affected people requesting telephone consultations.

Processed Data

A PDF with a summary of the results is automatically generated based on data from app users who have requested a telephone consultation and consented to sharing their data.


Affected patients’ contact numbers are shown, along with their symptoms and previous chronic and acute diseases.
The dataset can also be shared as a .csv file to enable an organization to transfer it to an internal/ in-house data management system.

CALL FOR ACTION: If any partner is working directly with institutions conducting tests in rural areas, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Languages, questions, recommendations, and additional surveys for further data collection can be customized.

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