COVID-19 TOOLKIT FOR MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS AND BASIC SERVICE PROVIDERS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: Which facets of life of people at the bottom of the pyramid are under the most pressure right now?

As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly evolves, quality of life is decreasing around the globe. In particular, for microfinance institutions and basic service providers in developing countries, the ability to conduct an assessment of households' current issues and requirements is crucial to determining the level of aid and program support their clients and communities need.

We offer a customizable app that helps organizations evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on their clientele, including households, businesses, and community institutions.

The app contains surveys and publicly available information about COVID-19, adaptable to the needs of the organization. There are 4 COVID-19 surveys to choose from, and institutions can decide which surveys are made available to their employees and/or clients and the methodology of data collection - e.g. via telephone calls from the employees or directly from the clients with Android devices.

Topics explored in the COVID-19 survey include impact on personal income and expenses, as well as household vulnerability with regard to poverty.

Moreover, financial resilience is explored in terms of availability of savings or emergency funds, as well as the ability to stock up on supplies for an extended period of time.

Assessing the ability to repay loans and cover debt service enables organizations to estimate the financial impact of confinement and restriction on daily income-generating activities.

Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis

Quantitative data to be collected include primary and secondary income sources. Qualitative data will be collected in audio form (concerns) and as open text (recommendations). This data will help shed light on MFI clients’ most urgent needs and the kind of support they would like to receive.



Agreement on app usage

Institutions willing to use the app with their community/ clients sign an agreement accepting terms and conditions, including the data protection policy.


Revision of questions for specific required adaptation

Questions can be modified and adjusted based on the local context. Additional questions can also be incorporated according to the needs of the organization.


Integration of organization’s logo / app customization

The app can be customized to reflect the corporate identity of the organization, if desired. The app can be shared through institutional e-mail or uploaded to PlayStore.


Access granted to dashboard and pre-diagnostic results

Organizations can access a dashboard with a password to view the survey results.


Organizations receive access to a dashboard (password-protected) that enables them to view the survey results and monitor the automatically uploaded data.
With the user’s consent, data can be shared with the MFI to support decision-making processes regarding the design of aid programs.
The dataset can also be shared as a .csv file to enable an organization to transfer it to an internal/ in-house data management system.

CALL FOR ACTION: If any partner is working directly with institutions conducting tests in rural areas, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Languages, questions, recommendations, and additional surveys for further data collection can be customized.

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